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Helping Pets.

With an ever-growing pet population, animal lovers may wonder how they can help improve or save the lives of a homeless pet. There are a variety of ways one can help that don’t require adopting a car full of animals. To start, it is a good idea to have your pet spayed or neutered. Unless you have a very good reason to breed an animal, it’s best that you don’t. Also, become familiar with your local shelter. There is often a need for volunteers, supplies (e.g. such as blankets), or food. Most shelters would be happy to accept donations for help with the shelter upkeep or the medical costs for the pets.

If you are able to foster an animal for a period of time, this provides a valuable resource for animals. Currently, California is in dire need of foster homes for pets due to the wild fires. If your home is already full of animals, you may want to consider giving a voice to animals through advocacy. Many groups deal with bringing attention to animal rights issues such as overpopulation and problems of cruelty. With a country full of animal lovers, spreading the word about animal issues can bring relief or resolution to these problems. Finally, keep an eye out for local events that support animal care groups. There are often dog walks, pet adoption days, raffles, bake sales, etc. that can be an easy way to support quality pet organizations.



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