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Food and Herbs for Pet Health.

Providing your pet with a quality diet is a key element in keeping your pet healthy. Along with diet, there is greater on focus on how herbs can improve or help maintain a pet's health. While you don't want to rely solely on herbal remedies there are a variety of conditions that herbs can help. Herbal remedies can often supplement your pet's health or help treat a particular condition. Arthritis, motion sickness, and allergies are frequently helped with herbal remedies. Some herbs are not beneficial, however, and some can interact negatively with medications that your pet may be taking. Including herbs in your pet's diet should be done with your vet's approval.

Using herbs in a pet's diet is considered by many as an excellent way to add to nutrients and ingredients that are needed but rarely found in packaged pet foods. Herbs can be used as an extension of a good natural diet. Feeding your pet a high quality packaged food, or using a pet food premix will help your pet stay in good health, just as eating a good balanced diet helps keep people in good health. Foods that contain preservatives and fillers can cause problems for sensitive pets, and don't have any nutrition value for any pet. Herbs can add a healthy diversity to a pet's diet to supplement its health. Adding herbs to your pet's diet can help an ailment or bolster their diet. Again, be careful with herbs; they are not all beneficial and some can be harmful.



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