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Holiday Pets.

Nothing is cuter than finding a new puppy or kitten under the Christmas tree. However, there can be drawbacks to giving animals as gifts. Before you put a bow on that new pet please consider what the consequences will be. Unfortunately, many pets are returned after the holidays because the care and training they need was not considered prior to bringing the little bundle of fur home. There are even organizations dedicated solely to educate people on rabbit adoption prior to Easter due to the high return rates. Choosing a pet on appearance can often lead to a poor match for the owner. To minimize such problems, research the type and breed of animal that you would like. High energy dogs fit well with high energy owners who have time to spend exercising their pet, but fair poorly with people with busy work schedules. Also, know the person who is receiving the pet. Presenting some one with a kitten to which he is allergic, can lead to quite a disappointment. Contacting a shelter and describing your desires and circumstances can often lead to a wonderful match for both new owner and pet alike. With some forethought a holiday including a new pet can be very special.



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