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Healthy Tips for the Season.

Don’t feed your pet human treats. Be aware of food that may be left out during the holidays that your pet can get into.

Keep warm. Don’t leave your pet in an unheated area for any length of time as they can get chilled or hypothermia. Take measures to protect pets that go outside; particularly when the weather becomes extremely bitter and cold.

Keep dry. If your pet gets wet in the snow, rain, puddles, or ponds, dry him off immediately as wet animals are particularly susceptible to getting chilled.

Decorate carefully. Small ornaments and decorations can be swallowed and cause health problems. Also candles can be hazardous if batted over. Festive decorations can easily be mistaken for dog and cat toys by our four legged friends. Be particularly aware of anything breakable or sharp.

Provide a quiet spot. If you entertain over the holidays give your pet a place to escape the people and noise. Even the most outgoing pets can be overwhelmed by the added people and activity.

Remove Anti-Freeze. Make sure all anti-freeze is out of reach of pets and children, and check to make sure none has leaked onto the floor. Anti-freeze is extremely toxic and has a sweet taste which can encourage pets to drink it.

Exercise inside. As it gets cold pets and people spend more and more time inside. Make sure pets still get exercise even if it is indoors. Gaining a couple pounds is normal in the winter, but being inactive or gaining excessive weight is not healthy.

Have Fun. Happy Holidays!




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