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Hot Spot Season

As the weather heats up there is an increase in canine skin care problems, particularly hot spots. One reason for this is that it is allergy season. Allergies are a common cause of hot spots and dogs that have allergies to grasses, pollen, or other similar allergies typically will have difficulty avoiding contact with these substances in the spring and summer. Heat and moisture is another reason for hot spots. With both warm weather and more water activities, moisture can get trapped near the skin and cause an infection. Dogs with thick fur are particularly vulnerable. Moisture under the collar or under some matted fur is a frequent source of hot spots. In these cases keeping ones dog cool and dry, and removing a collar when inside can help prevent some of these infections. Unfortunately, for some dogs they are simply prone to hot spots, often in warm whether it gets worse, but they may have hot spots year round. Routine grooming can help reduce the number and severity of hot spots particularly with thick coated dogs. Dr. Dog Skin Care is also an excellent way to treat hot spots; it helps relieve the itch while treating the infection. Hot spots can be spread or be made more severe by continuous scratching and relieving the itch is important both for a pet’s comfort as well as containing the infection. Summer time is the itchy season, but there is relief.



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