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House Training on the Go.

When you’re driving a long distance with your dog, it’s a good idea to stop about every hour. This keeps you more alert, and you and your pet can both benefit from this hourly stop, especially since you do not want any accidents in the car.


When you stop, take your dog for a quick walk. Give him the opportunity to go to the bathroom. Just remember some basic guidelines, or etiquette, when your dog is taking his little stroll at a rest stop. For starters, don’t let your dog go into another dogs’ space. This distracts them from doing their business, and you wouldn’t like it if your dog were finally about to eliminate and suddenly got distracted, starting the entire process over again. It’s also potentially dangerous for your dog as that other dog might not be friendly. So it’s best to just stay away, and don’t forget to keep your dog on a leash whenever you’re in public.


The primary etiquette rule is to pick up your dog's messes. A lot of rest areas actually have little posts that dispense baggies for clean up a great convenience, but not all places do this. Therefor it wise to always have clean up baggies so you can pack them with you and always be prepared. Often a regular sandwich baggie will even do. Just turn the bag inside out and wear it like a glove to pick up, then pull the plastic through the bag again around the waste. Then you can just find the nearest trashcan.


Remember to always check on the rules of different places, like if you’re traveling in an RV, for example. You’ll spend different nights at different RV parks, and those parks will have different rules about your pup’s bathroom trips. There’s always the option of litterbox training if you feel that’s for you: if you travel a lot and your dog is small. Like always, start at home training your dog to go in the box at the potty cue as you would if you were training him to go outside.


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