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Hungry Kitty.

The official word came from my vet a few months ago that my cat is fat. Jake loves to eat. I had previously thought my cat Marvin loved to eat, but Jake showed me what the love of food really is. So for the last few months Jake has been on a diet. Instead of leaving dry food out throughout the day he and Marvin split a can of food in the morning as usual then have a dish of dry food in the afternoon. While I feel badly that Marvin has had to join in on the diet (he’s no where near fat), there’s no practical way to leave food out for one and not the other. The biggest change for me is that there is no more sleeping in, as my cats want their breakfast on time. If I want an extra hour’s sleep on the weekend I have to do it with cats jumping on my back, opening up the curtain near my bed, sporadically meowing, and having them tear from one side of the house to the other. The other day, I awoke to find Marvin with his face about 3 inches from mine looking intently into my eyes. However, Marvin’s actions have been much less drastic than Jake’s. Jake meows repeatedly for his food and has decided if I won’t give him food, he’ll get it himself. He has, on several different occasions, chewed a hole in the cat food bag and fed himself. To keep this from happening I moved the cat food out of the lower cabinet to the top of the fridge, but this was pointless as he simply moved to the top of the fridge. I moved the food again still with no luck, and finally moved the food on top of a cabinet, barricaded the cabinet, and wrapped the food in a plastic bag. Jake can’t reach the food anymore, but neither can I. After dumping cat food on my head a couple times, I finally got the routine down. Fortunately this has been a worth while pursuit as Jake’s belly has shrunk and he is close to being at a healthy weight.





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