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Jake and Marvin - An Introduction.

Viewers of the Dr. Dog web site have shared many wonderful stories and pictures of their pets over the years. As such, Iíd like to share a story about my cats. Marvin is my 2-year-old long slim gray cat, whose favorite hobbies are - alternately -looking out the window and tearing through the condo. Since on occasion, I have to leave Marvin home alone for some long days; and he always appears to be fascinated by the activities of the neighborhood cats, which he endlessly views from his favorite window, I thought it would be a good idea to bring Marvin a friend.

Happily returning from the local humane society, where I selected a very cute and friendly gray and white tiger kitten, who became known as Jake, I thought of how cute it would be to introduce these two. I arrived home with Jake in a little cardboard carrier. Marvin came into the living room to see what I brought home. Upon opening the carrier I quickly realized how wrong I was.

Marvin whom I had rarely seen in a bad mood was livid. Hissing and growling Marvin was disgusted with the new arrival. To Jakes credit he seemed unfazed by Marvinís fit. The little round kitten crawled out of the carrier and started investigating his surroundings.

It took a few days for Marvin to calm down. After about a week, however, he began to realize Jake could have some entertainment value. One trait they share is an intense love of play, thus it wasnít long before they were chasing each other back and forth. It still took about a month for Marvinís happy attitude to return. And, I believe, he has now finally forgiven me.

While it appears that Jake loves Marvin, Marvin seems to have mixed emotions. While they are buddies, Jake can be a bit much for Marvin. Marvin doesnít care for him sitting at his window or sleeping in his bed, but has accepted Jake for the most part. While Iím lucky to have two very good-natured cats, I have learned kitty-mind-reading is not yet my specialty.



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