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Kitty in the Window.

All cats seem to have their favorite spots. My cat Marvin loves to sit in the window. A day just isn’t complete if several hours aren’t spent staring out the window. To human eyes it doesn’t appear that much is going on, however, to feline eyes it must be quite entertaining out there. Probably the biggest insult to Marvin is when his buddy Jake takes his spot in the window. With a look of disgust Marvin will maneuver around Jake retaking the prime spot, essentially pushing Jake out of the way. If Jake doesn’t move easily then he’s likely to receive a paw slap. While not the most polite move, Jake’s interests revolve more around toys and boxes rather than the window. The big treat for Marvin is actually going outside. As an indoor cat he isn’t let out on his own. Instead he takes walks on a leash and harness. He has reluctantly accepted his harness as his only means of reaching the great outdoors. When he sees it he will meow excitedly, but can’t quite make himself volunteer to have it put on him. Marvin isn’t so much of a walker as he is a sitter. He sniffs up a storm, but rarely goes more than a few feet in any direction. When back inside he struts around happy and contented, but it doesn’t take long before he returns to the window.



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