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Lonely Pup - Separation Anxiety

Dogs are social animals and often have difficulty spending time away from their owner. Frequently, dogs develop behavioral problems due to loneliness. Some howl or cry while alone. Others become destructive. Such temper tantrums often involve chewing up 'anything in sight'. Puppies tend to have the most trouble with loneliness, though some dogs never get used to being alone. The most obvious and usually most difficult solution to this problem is to spend more time with your dog. Even a quick visit with your dog during the day is helpful especially with puppies. A trick to make your dog more comfortable is to leave the radio or TV on when you are gone. The sound of voices is soothing. Also make sure your dog has plenty of toys, and a place to exercise if possible. If your dog is still lonely, the other option is to have someone walk or visit with your dog during the day. Also, doggy day care is available in many places, here you may drop off your dog to be taken care of during the day. If your dog's behavior is severe and still destructive, you may need the help of a trainer or behaviorist to help your dog adjust.



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