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Finding Your Lost Pet: Five Things To Do.

If you lose your pet, here are the first five things you should do:

1. Rally your family and friends and go looking. This is especially important if you realize early on that the pet is missing.

2. Call your veterinarian. If your pet is wearing a rabies tag on its collar, the tag number often can be traced to your veterinarian who can then help reunite you with your lost pet.

3. Call every animal shelter or humane organization in your area. Visit the most likely shelters in person because you know your pet better than anyone else. Keep checking daily!

4. Check with neighbors and put up signs around your neighborhood that include a photo or description of your pet, your phone number, and how long your pet has been missing.

5. Call your local newspaper and place a lost pet ad. Also check the newspaper daily for “found pets” ads. Often they will print found ads for free.



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