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Meow! Cat Vocalization.

Ever feel like your cat is talking to you? While cats donít have a language per say, they do express themselves vocally. Low-pitched meows indicate feelings of anger or fear. The higher pitched meows usually come from a happy and content kitty. Then there are the familiar meows of a cat that want his food. However, some cats are less vocal than others. A recent Cornell study set out to determine how people react to different sounding meows. They found cats meow in a way that elicits the response from their owner that they are looking for. They may want a treat, or companionship, and they figure out how to use their meow to get it. While cats also communicate through body language, a meow is a common way for a cat to get its point across. Owners end up feeling like their cat is talking to them because they know what their cat wants simply by his meow. Essentially, while cats canít use language they are adept at training their owner to properly react to their vocalizations.



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