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The Antics of Marvin and Jake.

My cats’ personalities are quite different, Marvin is composed and reserved and Jake is an extravert and an attention hog. Even as such they share common traits. The most unique shared trait is that they both enjoy a game of fetch. Other cats I’ve met are completely disinterested in returning a toy; however, this is Jake’s favorite game. While Marvin returns items to his scratching post Jake brings them back for another throw and meows up a storm if the toy isn’t thrown immediately. Both have had trouble discerning what a ‘toy’ is. Jake thinks it’s anything he can put in his mouth, including pens, q-tips, and even a boot with enticing laces that he dragged into the middle of the living room. While Marvin is a bit more discerning he has had some strange choices too. Most notably when he came trotting into the room with a dollar bill in his mouth. The main conflict that they have is that they both feel they own each of their toys exclusively at one point leading to tug of war with a piece of string that came off their scratching post. One would run off with it and the other would follow only to take it away. Neither giving up the string easily, the two of them each had an end in their mouth trying to pull it away from the other. However, their favorite time is when a local squirrel visits our porch. While watching the squirrels in the distance is daily activity, when one ventures onto the porch this sends them over the top. Faces pressed up against the glass door each movement of the squirrel brings about a spastic reaction. On the other hand, the squirrel has little interest in the two nuts on the other side of the door, and casually hops around the porch until it’s time to move on. Finally, likely a trait of many cats, when one is playing when and the other is not it frequently garners a look of ‘that cat is insane’. Often the look of disdain is followed by his own moment of insanity as he decides to join in the fun.



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