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The Great American Mutt.

Adopting a mixed breed dog can offer a number of benefits that are often overlooked in the dog world. Genetically mutts frequently have an advantage over purebreds. Due to human engineering of dog breeds, purebreds commonly have genetic problems that have been unintentionally bred into a particular breed. In some cases these genetic problems are a result of inbreeding, as the quality of breeder plays a significant role in the health and well-being of puppies and in turn the breed itself. Consequently, while there is no guarantee on any dog, mixed breeds tend to have markedly less genetic problems. Also, mutts can have the best traits of a variety of breeds, and many mixed breed owners appreciate that their dog is clearly unique.


Another benefit of adopting a mixed breed is that these usually are the dogs that are most in need of a home. Adopting from a shelter is usually much cheaper than purchasing a purebred, and you will also be helping a worthy cause. In many cases a shelter or rescue can help find a dog that is an excellent fit for you and your family. Having an idea of what will work best for you in terms of selecting a dog is extremely helpful, and often shelters and rescues can help you in making these judgements. Instead of deciding what particular breed one would like, thinking about a new dog in terms of characteristics such as size, gender, energy level, grooming and family situation, can be a more effective way of selecting that new pet. In the end, giving a mutt a chance can be a great decision.



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