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Pet Names.

Naming your new pet can be a fun experience. However, there are times when one can get stuck for a name or become frustrated; particularly if more than one person needs to agree on the name. Here are a few tips for naming your pet. First, give your pet a name that you are not embarrassed to yell out loud in front of your neighbors, you'll likely need to call your pet at some point. One or two syllable names are easiest for one to call and the pet to remember. If you do select a long name, envision what the shortened version - that you'll end up using daily - is likely to be. Try to choose a name that doesn't sound like a command that you plan on teaching him. Training 'Mit to sit' could confuse a pup. If you are having trouble coming up with names there are a variety of sources one can take names from. Consider favorite musicians; authors; tv, movie, or literary characters. You can take names from history - Caesar, Franklin, or Hannibal; or from mythology - Athena, Zeus, or Apollo. A favorite athlete, car, or vacation spot may also provide the inspiration for just the right name. A pets' behavior, personality or appearance can also help inspire the new name. Names with meanings such as Flash, Cinnamon, or Tabasco often develop out of a physical or personality trait. More and more human names such as Max, Sam, or Amber are being used too. Have fun naming your pet and you are bound to come up with a name that everyone can enjoy.

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