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Benefits of Natural Pet Care.

There are wide reaching benefits of natural pet care that often go unnoticed. While natural products are better for the environment and are often viewed as a niche product for the ‘environmentalist type’, there are clear and practical benefits of natural pet care for all ‘pet owner types’. To start, natural food and treats can greatly benefit a pet. Natural ingredients are digested better by pets, and the nutrients are absorbed quicker. It has been shown that a high quality diet while often more expensive to purchase saves the pet owner money in the long run as pets experience much better health than those with a poorer quality diet. Not only are vet bills reduced, but the pet’s quality of life is markedly improved. For those who doubt the benefit of a quality diet can simply use people as a comparison. Healthier people have healthier diets as do pets. Also, allergies and food sensitivities are not uncommon for pets, and specially formulated natural diets often rectify this problem.

Natural remedies are another great resource for pet owners. Certainly there are times that prescriptives and other treatments are needed. However, natural remedies are an excellent first choice for a variety of reasons. First, natural remedies don’t have the negative side effects that other treatments can have. One of the difficulties in treating pets is that they can’t tell you what’s wrong or if they are experiencing negative effects of a medication. Also, some treatments have negative long term effects that natural remedies rarely do. Natural remedies are generally safer in the short and long run. Second, many natural remedies are more effective as they body absorbs them quicker and more effectively. This certainly isn’t a concrete rule, and care should be taken no matter what treatment is decided on. Finally, natural remedies are frequently more affordable. Prescription drugs are often more expensive due to testing, licensing, and other business factors.

Natural supplements also provide many wonderful benefits to pets. While a good general supplement often aids in good pet health, there are specific natural supplements that aid pets with specific conditions. Pets with arthritis and joint problems, skin issues, even anxiety, or motion sickness can find help with natural supplements. These supplements can usually be taken along with a prescriptive plan, and even instead of prescriptives in some cases.

Another natural treatment for pets is physical therapy. This comes in a variety of forms, and it may garner chuckles from friends when you tell them that you are taking your dog for a massage. However, massage along with other forms of physical therapy can be quite beneficial to a pet. For some pets it is an effective treatment after an accident or injury. Others who have arthritis, joint, or muscle problems due to age or strenuous work may benefit from physical therapy. For older dogs therapy can often be a better option than surgery as the risks of surgery for older pets often warrant an alternative treatment. Taking a look at natural alternatives can be of benefit to you and your pet. Consulting a vet about any treatment or change in diet is wise.



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