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Natural Insect Repellents

With so many serious insect born diseases, choosing the right insect protection for ones pet is important. Flea and tick drops such as Advantage and Frontline are often recommended as they give continuous protection and are highly effective. Yet there are several reasons for choosing natural insect repellents such as Dr. Dog’s Bug N’Out or the natural Defy the Fly insect collar. First, using these products in conjunction with drops is a smart and effective choice. Bug N’Out and other natural repellents typically repel more types of biting insects like gnats, mosquitoes, and flies that drops often don’t. Also, no product is 100% effective so doubling up provides extra protection for your pet. If a pet spends a majority of its time outside then drops are the most effective singular treatment. However, pets can have difficulties with flea and tick drops. Some pets are allergic or sensitive to these treatments. This is another reason for choosing a natural solution. Finally, for pets that are primarily indoor pets the natural treatments provide a needed protection and reduce ones pet’s and ones family’s exposure to harsh chemical treatments. Picking the right insect treatment for your pet is an important decision based on individual circumstances.



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