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Dr. Dog Welcomes You! Paw Prints is a monthly newsletter aimed at providing you with information and tips for your cat or dog. We hope you enjoy reading our articles on health and safety, as well as lighter human interest stories. If you are interested in receiving the monthly email version of our newsletter, please



October 2011
Keeping Your Puppies Healthy and Happy
House Training on the Go


October 2011
Preparing A Dog First Aid Kit
Dog Competitions - Are You and Your Dog Ready?


September 2011
Helping your Dog Exercise
The Human/Animal Bond - Health Benefits


August 2011
Dogs Parks Dog Playground
Changing Your Dog's Diet for Good Nutrition


July 2011
Are You Supporting Your Dog's Barking Habit Without Even Knowing It?
Specific Dog Grooming Problems


June 2011
You Can Check Books Out, Why Not Dogs?
Effectively Crate Training Your Dog


April 2011
You Can Check Books Out, Why Not Dogs?
Ten Tips for Preventing Behavior Problems

March 2011
Senior Dog Adoption - A Fine Choice
How to Approach Strange Dogs


February 2011
How to Puppy Proof Your Home in 24 Hours
Steps to Help You Find the A Veterinarian


November 2010
Dog Training - You and Your Pet
Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe on Vacation

April 2010
Caring for Puppy's Eyes
How to Fix Dog Urine Stains On Green Grass
Hearing Ear Dogs are a Special Breed


February 2010
Alternative Methods of Healing
Featured U.S. Dog Parks


January 2010
My Dog Has Allergies? - Part 2
Working with Sporting Breeds
Rescue Dog Realities


The Weighty Issue of a Chubby Pet
My Dog Has Allergies?


Destructive Chewing - Your Dog is Trying to Tell You Something
Take It Inside - Indoor Fun For Your Dog


Two Dog Basic Needs a New Dog Owner Must Become Accustomed to - Grooming and Exercise
Finding Ancestors - Canine DNA Testing

Basic Pet Health Guide

Natural Insect Repellents
Hot Spot Season

Puppy Nipping and Biting
Dog's Tongue

Lick Granuloma
Dog Gas / Flatulence
Keeping Kitty Safe

Pet Problem Awareness
Moving with Pets
Common Pet Myths

Spring in their Step
Don't Reward Bad Behavior
Adoption Oversights

Preparing Pets for Winter
Caring about Pets
Pet Care Poison & Toxins

Little Known Dangers
Adopting the Cute and Cuddly
The Multi Pet Household
Outdoor Dog
Cat Play

June - July
Dog Vacation Tips
Differences Between Cats and Dogs
Pet Massage
Dog Instincts & Behavior
Talking to Animals
Essential Fatty Acids for Pets

April - May
Mental & Physical Stimulation for Dogs
Cat Friendly Dog
Animal Laws and Regulations
Hungry Kitty
Pet Identification

February - March
Home Alone
Unique Benefits of Pets
Indoor Pets
Dogs & Cats Thoughts & Emotions
Sheba & Athena
Cat Care

January -December
Canine Master Searchers
Rescued & Shelter Pets
Cats, Doors, and Couches
Holiday Tips for the Season
Food for Thought
Common Cat Behavior Problems


Halloween Pets
Cats - Gods & Devils
Kitty in the Window
Helping a Bored Dog


August - September
Dog or Cat?
Benefits of Dog Crates & Cages
Happy Cat Instincts
Health Care Heads Up
Frustrating Fur Problems
Paw Care

June - July
Thunderstorms & Firecrackers
Dog Eyes
Kitty - Down, Off, Stop
Cat Breeds
Benefits From Trainers and Obedience Schools
Summer Pet Tips

April - May
Fur's Flying
Great Big and Small
Can I Train Kitty?
Running Scared
A Sip of Water
Special Needs Pets

February - March
Benefits of Natural Pet Care
Super Fly
Special Grooming Issues
Glucosamine Chondroitin & Joint Care
Unique Pet Facts
The Antics of Marvin & Jake

December - January
Sensitive Pets
Bark Bark Bark
Cats in Cars
Allergy Oddities
Outfitting Your Pet - Part III Clothing
Holiday Pets

Cat Biting and Scratching
Pets and Seniors
Dog Breath
Could Your Dog be a Therapy Dog?
Marvin and Jake - An Introduction
High Energy and/or Demanding Pets

Containing Your Dog
Benefits of Spaying and Neutering
What Color is Kitty?
Cat Myths and Superstitions
Insect Diseases and Your Pet
Dog Bites and Breed Issues

Outfitting Your Pet Part II
Should Kitty be In or Out
Outfitting Yout Pet - Part I
Educating Kitty
Toy Dogs

Hearing Problems & Deaf Dogs
Modifying Behavior Problems
A Whisker Away
Rare or Severe Vet Care
Great American Mutt
Your Inner Kitten

Pet Overpopulation
Digger Dog
Special Cat Care Situations
Winter Activities for Dogs
Cat Stress
Hound Dog

Hairball Help
Pets and People
Declawing Debate
Vaccinating Your Pet

Helping Pets
Healthful Grooming
Dog About Town
Adopting a Senior Dog
Colds and Upper Respitory Infections in Cats
A Dog's Tongue

Managing Allergic Reactions to Pets
Keeping You and Your Pup Healthy
The Sleeping Cat
Food Herbs and Pet Health
Tom's Town Cat Sanctuary
Dog Grooming Tips

Canine Water Safety
Meow! Cat Vocalization
Choosing a Kennel or a Sitter
Summer Pet Care
Animal Lovers Have an Abundance
of Career Choices

Walk the Walk

Preparing for Emergencies
Good Treat Bad Treat
Pet Grief
Pets and Insects
Tell Tail Signs
Pet Stores and Puppy Mills

Cat Eyes
Fighting like Cats and Dogs
Dog Instincts
Physical Therapy for Pets
Giving a Cat Medicine
Dogs and Children

Pet Anesthesia
Pet Names
Grooming Trouble Spots
Bathing Your Cat
Pet Charities

Destructive Chewing
Shy Cat
Guide Dog Training
Caring for a Sick Pet
Pampered Pets Plus
Cat Sense

West Nile Virus Information
Ehrlichia: The AIDS of the Canine World
Training Tips for Dogs or Puppies
Help Fido and Fluffy Find there Way Home
Controlling Cat Scratching and Clawing

Cat Food and Nutrition
Caring for an Older Dog
Puppy and Kitten Proofing

Pet Claw Care
Benefits of Natural Holistic Pet Care
Your Four Legged Travelling Companion
Pet Allergies - Symptoms and Detection
Preventing Dog Bites

Canine Arthritis
Hidden Tiger Crouching Kitty
Therapy Dogs
The Multi-Cat Home
Pudgy Pooch
Bad Breath and Dental Care

Choosing a Veterinarian
Signs of a Healthy Cat
Lonely Pup
Cold Weather and Your Pet
The Healthy Pet Owner
Kids, Pets, and Moving

Is There Some Wolf In That Ruff?
Children and Pets
Search and Rescue Dogs
The Quality of Your Dog's Diet
Reward and Punishment Training

Caring For Your Aging Cat
Canine Athlete? Flyball, Agility, and More
Basic Dog Care and Grooming
Your Pets Divorce Therapy
What Group does your Dog Belong to?
Cats vs. Dogs

Canine Hip Dysplasia
Pet Adoption
Cat Behavior

The Many Different Skin Problems in Pets
Is Your New Puppy's Curiosity Causing You Frustration?

Love Is Not Spelled T-R-E-A-T!
Is There Such A Thing As Birth Conrol Without HavingTo Have Them Spayed?
Things Dogs Have To Remember

Holidays Include Hazards For Your Pet
Top Ten Ways the U.S. Would be Different if a Dog was President
Mind Games Dogs Play With Humans
Cold, Wet Noses are Good, Right?
Finding Your Lost Pet: Five Things To Do

A Nine to Five Dog
How Can I Help My Dog's Cracked Paws?
Introducing your Baby to your Pet
Crate Training Tips

Ear Infections: Treating and Preventing
Ten Tips for Preventing Behavior Problems
Can Dogs and Cats See Colors?
How many Dogs does it take to change a light bulb?

Dog Days of Summer
Did You Know...
Hercules! Hercules!



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