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Outdoor Dog.

For dogs that spend time outdoors, there are some basic needs and precautions that owners should be aware of. First, pets need attention. Even if a pet spends much of the day outside dogs are social animals and need companionship and attention from their family. Dogs that don’t receive enough attention will often develop behavioral problems. It is recommended that a pet not spend all its time outdoors. However, most dogs and owners can find a good balance of in and out time. One of the most basics aspects of letting a dog out alone is making sure they are safely contained. There are a variety of threats that come when a dog is able to wander free. Traffic is a significant danger for many pets, also there is the potential for pets to run off or become lost. Also some pets will need protection from outside threats such as other animals, or unkind people. Depending on ones circumstances there needs to be a specific plan to keep ones dog safely contained. Shelter is also needed for pets that aren’t able to come inside during harsh weather. This includes heat, cold, and precipitation. Extreme heat and cold can cause major health problems for pets, and even death in the most severe cases. Also pets that are wet for extended period of time are at risk of becoming chilled even when temperatures aren’t at frigid levels. Also pets will be much happier if they aren’t exposed to foul weather. Finally, make sure your pet has plenty of water. This is one of the simplest needs to fulfill yet it is also one of the most important. Dehydration can lead to a variety of serious health problems, and is particularly important when the weather is hot.





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