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Outfitting Your Pet - Part II.

Choosing a food for your pet can be confusing with so many choices. However, a quality natural food is a good choice. While these foods can be more expensive than others, they often lead to better general health and less vet costs down the road. Some pets require special diets; luckily the range of pet foods available has grown rapidly to include numerous variations such as low-fat, wheat-free, hairball formula, and many others. Similarly, choosing a healthy natural snack for your pet is a good idea for health and weight control.

Beds are another common purchase. Beds are particularly useful when pets are kept in areas such as basements or garages that don’t offer much comfort or warmth. A variety of beds are available for different needs. Some help comfort pets with joint or muscle problems. Cedar beds help in repelling fleas and are easy to refill if needed. Some are designed to fit into crates, while others such a plush pillow adds comfort. Cats often enjoy beds or baskets that they can curl up inside of. Window seats or hammocks are another favorite for the many cats who enjoy staring out the window.

Grooming items are another common purchase. Brushes and slickers are commonly used depending on the pet and their fur type. Grooming is a good way to reduce shedding. A handy item that can help with pets that either shed a lot, get dirty quickly, or to help owners with allergies are bath wipes and bath sprays. Similar to baby wipes, but formulated for pets; this can reduce shedding, reduce allergens, and keep your pet clean between bathes.

Toys are also an important purchase for many pets. They can help keep a pet active and healthy. Certain toys particularly for dogs have features that can help with health or behavior problems. Durable chew toys are often a good solution for destructive chewers to help redirect their behavior away from valuable items. Rope toys are often a good way to help keep teeth clean as they act as dental floss. For both cats and dogs, pets can grow attached to a toy, which can provide them comfort when alone.



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