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Caring About Pets.

Left unchecked pets can breed at an alarming rate such that pet overpopulation is a major problem. Unfortunately this can lead to many pets not receiving adequate care. Often pets that are neglected or that are strays reproduce to create more animals that are neglected or stray. One of the easiest ways to help this problem is to have ones pet spayed or neutered. While everyone loves puppies and kittens, allowing a pet to breed means there are less homes for animals in need. If there isn’t clear obvious reason to breed an animal then it is unwise to do so. Also, there are benefits to having a pet fixed. For males, it typically cuts down on the desire to roam which means it’s easier to keep that pet safely at home. Females are often healthier as they don’t have the risks that are associated with pregnancy and it is believed that it reduces the risk of certain types of cancer developing.

Another way to help the pet population as a whole is to support and adopt from no-kill animal shelters and rescues. Many wonderful pets come from these shelters. They are behavior tested and have received medical attention and one can choose a pet that will fit well with their family. Some shelters will even have purebreds. There are also breed specific rescues that one can adopt from if they are looking for a specific type of dog. This is a more affordable way to adopt a purebred, and it avoids problems that can occur if a breeder isn’t reputable. While there are many reputable breeders, unfortunately there are some that are not. These breeders may offer a discounted price for a purebred, but there is a higher risk that these animals will have health problems, and some do not provide adequate care to all their animals.

Adopting from shelters and rescues is a clear way of saving not only the animal you adopt, but it allows for space for another animal in need. Another consideration is to adopt an adult pet. Adults can be harder to place in homes, but actually have many benefits. First adult pets typically have already had all their basic training. It can take a lot of time and work to housebreak a puppy and give him the basic training needed to know how to behave around others, and to know basics like what is and what is not a chew toy. Adult dogs typically need very little training. For many the energy level of an adult dog versus a puppy is much easier to deal with. There are organizations that help place adult dogs with seniors, as this is often an excellent match. The dog finds a good home, and the senior gets a pet with a good even temper with an appropriate energy level. While these suggestions won’t fully correct the problems of pet over-populations, it helps more animals receive the care they need.




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