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Children and Pets.

There are numerous benefits associated with children having pets. Owning a pet helps teach a child responsibility, how to care for others, as well as companionship. Picking the right pet for your child is important. Children under 10 are not old enough to be the primary care taker of a cat or dog. As such a hamster or a gerbil may be a better choice. Cats tend to be good for independent kids who want a pet, but don't want the increased responsibility of owning a dog. Dogs are good pets, but do require a lot of attention. You and your child need to realize the amount of time needed to properly exercise, train, feed, groom and care for a dog. Another tip in choosing a pet is to make sure the pet and the child meet before a pet is brought home. This will help determine what animal your child is most comfortable with and may also let you know if there is a potential allergy problem. In reality, which ever pet you choose, the parent should understand that they will likely be the one caring for the pet much of the time. Approached properly, however, owning a pet can be an tremendously rewarding and educational experience for a child.



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