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Pampered Pets Plus.

Pet owners in the United States spend billions of dollars on their pets each year. Expenditures for medical care, food, grooming, dental care, pet insurance, toys, and gourmet treats account for many of the costs pet owners regularly incur. Beyond these necessary expenditures for food, clothing, and toys, however, our precious companions receive special diets, gourmet treats, and a never-ending variety of playthings.

Now, as if this is not enough, there is emerging a whole new range of ways to spoil your pet. Among these ways, pet owners can now send their pet via pet limo service to the pet spa or salon, where it may receive a massage, manicure/pedicure, and the royal treatment. When the pet returns home, it can rest in its special designer pet furniture (complete with canopy bed or lounge chair). Of course the pampered pet is not satisfied unless it has a proper wardrobe including a diamond or jewel encrusted collar. Finally, when your pet has grown tired of its home life it can vacation at a pet resort or bed and breakfast.

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