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Pet Massage.

At first, the thought of pet massage can seem quite extravagant for a pet. Yet massage has many benefits, and it doesn’t have to be such an extravagance. One of the times massage can be particularly helpful is when a pet has been injured or is experiencing a muscular or skeletal problem such as arthritis or hip dysplasia. However, this is also the time when an owner has to be the most careful in how a pet is massaged. If a pet has a physical problem it is wise to either have a pet massaged professionally, or to receive instructions from a professional on how to massage your pet properly. However, most people can give their pet a basic massage with simply some care and attention. First beware that not all pets will want to be massaged, and that it isn’t a good idea to force them. For instance cats can be quite particular how or when they want to be touched. They may like an ear rub but have no interest in other contact. While dogs tend to take to massage better, not all will want to be massaged either. Massage is more purposeful than just petting your animal. Similar to human massage, pet massage involves manipulating the muscles in a way that provides relaxation. Start gently, and be aware of what your pet is comfortable with. Paws, head, back, belly and legs are all areas that can be massaged. There are courses and instructions for people to learn different methods and specific forms of pet massage.

Some of the benefits of massage are better blood flow to the skin and muscles, improved flexibility, and massage can help promote healing. Also massage can help improve the bond between pet and owner. Also there are benefits that come from a pet’s willingness to be handled. A pet that is accustomed to being handled is often one that accepts general care better too as the pet often provides less resistance to paw care, dental care, and general grooming. Also a pet owner is more likely to detect skin problems, bumps, or growths that can develop on or under the skin. Prompt care can keep these potential health problems to a minimum.






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