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Pets and People.

Pets and people have formed a unique relationship. While a bond is formed between most owners and pets, many animals have an additional role. Pets have come to provide people with a multitude of services based on their unique abilities. The best-known examples are dogs whose acute senses and ability to learn provides a myriad of services. Service dogs can guide people with disabilities, extend a person's ability to be independent by acting as a replacement for sight, hearing, or physical limitation. Dog's abilities also make them excellent for search and rescue, or searchers of illegal substances or explosive devices. Dogs are invaluable to both police and the military for a variety of purposes that humans are not suited. However, it is not just skills and senses that make working animals so important. Therapy pets provide comfort to people in a myriad of situations. Whether a pet visits a hospital or a nursing home to provide comfort to sick patients, or comfort people following a tragedy it has been found that pets can often connect with a person even when people can't. Pets all over the world have jobs that provide people with invaluable services. From herding dogs, to therapy cats, to police dogs, to a barn cat, the relationship between pets and people is special and reaches a variety of different levels.



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