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Pets and Seniors.

Pet adoption by senior citizens can be a wonderful pairing for the pet and the person alike. Pets often provide health benefits to their owners, and seniors can provide a pet a much needed home. The companionship a pet provides can be particularly valuable to a senior that lives alone. It has been shown that pets help reduce blood pressure and stress levels and pet owners tend to live healthier lives than non-pet owners. The actual care provided to a pet can be beneficial to the owner. Exercising with ones pet is a healthy activity that keeps pet and person in better shape, and providing care is often effective in bolstering ones spirit.

The dual benefit is that a senior can provide a pet a much needed home. It's often recommended that a senior adopted an adult pet as they already have some training, and aren't as rambunctious as a puppy or a kitten. This is a wonderful match because adult pets are often harder to place in homes than young pets. There are some considerations before seniors adopt a pet. The amount of care and exercise that an individual can provide a pet, and what pet would be a good match needs consideration. However, there are some groups that help in the placement and adoption of pets by seniors. Also your local rescue may provide a special program or discounted adoption rate for seniors. While pet adoption isn't suitable for all seniors it can be wonderfully beneficial to many seniors and pets alike.



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