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Physical Therapy for Pets.

Physical therapy for pets? At first thought this may sound outlandish. However, when one considers the nature of and the specific benefits of such therapies, for many pets physical therapy becomes a very practical option. As with humans, physical therapy for pets can help to avoid the need or aid in the recovery from surgery. Likewise, physical therapy may be helpful to a pet recovering from an injury or dealing with a chronic problem. And physical therapy can help reduce to need for drugs. Administered properly (even by the pet owner), physical therapy may be safer and less costly for your pet than other treatments.

Physical therapy for pets, as with people, often supports a range of different techniques. Message - even if administered by the pet owner - may be used to relax muscles and comfort the pet. Hydrotherapy, which consists of the animal working out it a pool or tank, helps a pet exercise without impact or stressing any troubled muscles or joints. A variety of exercises specific to each pet may be used to strengthen the appropriate muscles.

So too, physical therapy often makes sense for older animals with chronic musculo-skeletal problems such as hip dysplasia or arthritis. Hip dysplasia in dogs frequently requires surgery to correct the problem, usually by replacing the hip. Unfortunately, this is not always a suitable option for an older dog. And, since there is no cure for arthritis, "proper care" may be the only choice to keep a pets' condition at a manageable level. Physical therapy can often help a pet adjust to live with its condition more comfortably.

Differences between physical therapy for animals and humans revolve around the difference in physiology. Physical therapy not done properly can result in injury. Experts in the field should be consulted before practicing physical therapy on pets. Although people with knowledge of physical therapy may also need to be trained to deal specifically with pets. Finding a suitable physical therapist for your pet can be difficult depending on where you live. However, the field is growing and pet therapy services will become more available in more areas as its benefits are realized.

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