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A Sip of Water.

Pet owners may pay so much attention to the quality of foods and treats that they can forget a basic dietary staple – water. Fresh water daily is essential to pets. Like people and most other animals, pets are largely composed of water and need water in their diet for good health. There isn’t enough moisture in pet food alone, especially dry food. Putting out fresh water each day helps keep bacteria or germs out of their dish. For some pets, particularly cats, they may stop drinking water if it isn’t clean enough. Cats can be finicky about the way they drink water. Some insist on running water, some will only drink out of certain bowls, others prefer the shower or tub. This is fine as long as they are able to get fresh water regularly. However, both cats and dogs have been known to drink from the toilet which isn’t healthy because of bacteria. Also, it’s not good to use drop-in toilet cleaners as they can be toxic to pets. Either way keeping the lid down is a good idea. Outdoor and stay-at-home pets can have water issues too. A tipped bowl is common. While normally not a huge issue, if your pet is being left an extended period of time, or the day is particularly hot, making sure there is a second source of water is a good idea. If your pet is refusing water, or appears dehydrated contact your vet immediately. Dehydration can be a serious problem if not caught early. While it seems an obvious part of pet care, consider your pet’s water situation, as it is a vital part of good health.



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