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Keeping Your Puppies Healthy and Happy.

It is great when you get to own a puppy, but there is also a responsibility to to provide proper heath care. This is not a problem when you have dedication and enthusiasm. With a little know-how, your puppy will grow up in a happy healthy home.


It is important to give your puppy the proper nutrition. This is essential in their rapid growth and development. You should give them food rich vitamins and minerals with balanced proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates.


You have to make sure that your dog gets the right kind and amount food depending on its age, breed, size and weight. Packaging typically provides you with these guidelines. If you want to change your puppy's food, do so gradually as to not upset its stomach. If you have a larger breed of dog it is suggested that you feed it two or three times a day to reduce the chance of bloat which can be quite serious, and can even be fatal in extreme cases.


Grooming your puppy will help them look good and feel good, and it is actually a needed part of good basic health care. Brushing, trimming of the nails, bathing, dental care, and ear cleaning are just some things that should be done routinely.


Grooming even helps you to establish a good relationship with your puppy. It is wise to keep a record of their health as they grow. Take note of different changes that occur in their bodies, check for eye or ear infections that they may be prone to, and make sure your dog is clean and does not emit any foul odors as this can be a sign of an infection.


Just like people, puppies also need exercise. Exercise is a good for mental stimulation and promoting physical development. But exercise and playtime doesn't mean your puppy should partake in rough or strenuous activities. This can lead to injuries as they still have soft, developing bones and joints. Jumping and rough playtime is particularly risky for larger breed puppies. Until they are about one or two years of age extra unneeded strain on joints and bones could cause them joint problem, a common problem in large breed dogs. Instead give puppies short, frequent walks, and play with them in a manner that won't cause stress or harm.


Take your puppy to a veterinarian for regular check-ups and for proper immunizations. This ensures that your that your puppy is well protected from illnesses and diseases. The doctor can also give you recommendations and good advice about how to take care of your puppy, and is the best person to ask questions regarding your puppy's health.


Puppies bring joy to our homes. They long for your love, attention, and affection. Love, cherish, and care for your dogs, and they will reciprocate, and they will bring fun and joy into any household.


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