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How to Groom and Take Care of Your Puppy’s Eyes

Your puppy’s eyes are very important and proper care and grooming is needed to ensure good vision and eye health of puppy / dog:


1. First protect your pet’s eyes from damage. While you are playing with your puppy, make certain that you are aware of actions that could harm his eyes. Younger puppies, in particular, are still learning basic motor functions, and common play such as kicking or throwing balls, or wrestling with him could result in injury if not careful. Gentle play is good both for safety and for teaching your puppy good behavior.


2. Observe your puppy’s eyes when he wakes up and remove any residue he may acquire while he sleeps. If you don’t, the residue could increase and cause pain and discomfort. Swab his eyes with a wet warm towel.


3. If you have a long-haired dog, keep the hair out of his eyes by trimming it. Some breeds have hair that should drape over their eyes, but this can be uncomfortable if it comes into contact with the surface of the eyes. It your dog is showing signs of discomfort then a haircut is well worth it.


4. When bathing your pet don't squirt the shampoo straight onto the scalp, because even if cautious it is likely that the shampoo will run into his eyes. Instead, squirt the shampoo into your hands and rub together before applying it to his head and face. This can prevent significant discomfort.


5. While dogs often love to stick their faces out of a window when riding in a car, this is a very risky behavor that can result in an eye injury. Debris in the air can easily lodge itself in a dog's eyes. This debris is travelling at such a high rate that in can do serious damage. Your dog's momentary enjoyment is not worth the risk of a lasting eye injury, and the significant pain that comes with both minor and major eye problems.

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