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Pet Stores and Puppy Mills.

Seeing a puppy in the window can be a tempting purchase. However, this may not be a good buy. Knowing where your puppy came from should be a key element in your decision to purchase a puppy. There are several reasons for this. First, you want to ensure the health of the dog you are purchasing to the best of your ability. If you know the parents of your potential new puppy you will know if there are any genetic predispositions to medical problems, and if they were well cared for through though pregnancy, birth, and their first days and weeks. This care can have a significant effect on their long-term health. Another reason to know where your puppy came from is to ensure that the treatment of your puppy, his parents and other pets purchased through this supplier have been treated and will be treated humanely in the future. You may be unintentionally supporting the cruel treatment of pets if you don’t look into where your puppy came from. There is a range of puppy breeders, and pet shops can carry puppies from reputable breeders, but many also carry puppies from irreputable breeders or puppy mills. In these cases the puppy can be prone to future health and behavior problems, and the fate of its parents and littermates could be much worse. A good pet store should be able to describe whom they get puppies from and how they are obtained. AKC certification is not a guarantee that you are getting a healthy happy puppy. Buying a puppy at a pet store because they are cheaper than a local breeder may not be cheaper in the long run. If your new pet is not healthy or is predisposed to genetic or behavior problems, you may be spending much more money in medical bills in the long run. A good shelter or rescue offers a good alternative in many cases. The puppies are usually checked out for medical problems and the cost of adoption is usually much less. Also, many times a rescue will have purebred dogs too.



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