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The source of your cat's purring has been a bit of a mystery for scientists. Why cat's purr and how they purr has been long debated. Initially it was thought cats might have a 'purring organ', although it is now generally agreed a cat's purr comes from a vibration in the cat's trachea connected with its breathing. Purring is a voluntary reaction, so the next question is, why do cats purr. Happiness or contentment is the most common reason for a cat to purr. However, cats also purr when highly stressed, injured, or giving birth, clouding the exact reason for purring. While scientifically unproven, some believe a cat's purr may have a healing quality associated with its sound frequency. It has also been thought that purring is a way for a cat to connect with others. House cats are not the only ones to purr. Pumas, Cougars, and Bobcats also purr. In determining whether a cat can purr, the general rule is if a cat can roar it can't purr. Oddly enough raccoons have also been known to purr. Like many of the actions of your cat, it may be the only one to truly know why it purrs.



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