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One of the most popular types of dog are the Retrievers. Golden and Labrador Retrievers consistently rank in the top ten most popular breeds. While there are some differences between these two breeds, Retrievers share a number of similar characteristics. As the name implies these dogs are natural retrievers. Originally bred as hunting dogs, Retrievers have a sturdy build and a soft mouth for carrying prey. While these dogs are now more likely to be family pets, their hunting instincts remain strong. Fetching a stick or a tennis ball is a game that comes naturally to Retrievers. Retrievers, like most sporting dogs, need plenty of exercise. They are built to work, hunt, and retrieve. Insufficient exercise may lead to health or behavior problems.


Since Retrievers are attractive dogs; and especially adorable as puppies, their requirements for exercise sometimes are not fully considered prior to adoption. Labs in particular will often chew, bark, dig, or destroy if they lack exercise or attention. It is built into who they are and they have to get rid of this excess energy somehow. They may get blamed for their bad behavior, but the reality is they may simply require more attention and exercise.


One of the qualities that make Retrievers so popular is their personality. Retrievers are generally friendly even-tempered dogs. While there is no guarantee about the behavior of any particular dog, Goldens are known as excellent family dogs. They are usually loyal and excellent with children. They are commonly more tolerant of a pulled tail or fur than other breeds. However, it is recommended that young children not be left alone with any dog.


Common health ailments to be on the lookout for with Retrievers include problems with ears and skin. Also, knowing a Retriever's background is helpful as this can provide valuable genetic information. Common genetic health issues include hip or joint problems. Nonetheless, Retrievers can be an excellent pet for an active family with time and space.




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