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Sensitive Pets.

Many pets have sensitivities that can lead to minor or moderate health and behavior issues. Itching and digestive problems can stem from allergies. Weather can cause a number of different health problems. People and noises can trouble pets, which can lead to behavior issues. While these sensitivities normally don’t cause serious problems, they can nonetheless be very irritating for pet and owner alike.

Food sensitivities are commonly allergic reactions. Cats often have a reaction to milk, and some dogs have trouble with wheat and corn. Food allergies commonly lead to either digestive problems, or generalized itching. Contact allergies can stem from a variety of things such as pollen or grasses which cause itching and irritation. Also, chemicals such as cleaners and air fresheners can cause adverse reactions in pets.

Extreme weather can cause pets problems. Some pets are simply not suited to specific conditions. During hot weather heavyset animals with thick coats may have problems with overheating or dehydrating. Huskies, for instance, are best suited for the cold and snow, and hot weather can be a difficult time for them. In cold weather thin short furred animals need extra protection from the elements, as the cold weather is simply too much. Animals that are older or have health problems need special consideration in a variety of weather conditions. As they have less physical defenses cold wet weather can be quite harmful and cause them to get chilled. Also in hot weather they may have less ability to keep cool and hydrated which can be a serious problem. In the severe cases this is very dangerous, both overheating and getting chilled can lead to dire medical problems. Fortunately, a little extra care can prevent a pet from having to deal with such serious problems.

Some pets are particularly sensitive to sounds. A frequent issue for owners is their pet’s reaction to thunderstorms or other loud noises such as firecrackers or gunshots. These are obviously such loud sudden noises that even people can find them troubling. Since dog’s and cat’s hearing is much more sensitive than ours these types of noises can be traumatic to a pet. With some pets, even lesser more common noises such as traffic, phones, alarms and buzzers upset them. Noises can lead to odd behavior by a pet. They may be acting out, or simply trying to get away from a noise, but clawing, digging, barking can result when a pet is highly irritated. Depending on your situation setting up a quite place in your home where a pet can retreat from noises can provide comfort. For city pets they will most likely need to adapt to the noises more than their rural counterparts.

Another common sensitivity for pets is a fear of people particularly strangers. For many cats and some dogs this is simply a built in personality trait that helps keep them safe. Unfortunately, this problem is often a result of prior poor treatment. Often times through training and good care this problem can improve with time. However, some pets will simply not want to be around strangers. In the most severe cases one needs to be careful putting pets or people in these situations as a truly scared animal will often lash out even if their normal demeanor is very good.

Whether a health issue or behavior based issue these sensitivities can be troublesome. While normally not serious, if left unrecognized or untreated the problems can grow into more significant problems. However, while many of these sensitivities can’t be completely ‘fixed’ often there is a suitable remedy that will make both pet and owner happier.




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