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Caring for a Sick Pet.

Helping your pet recover from surgery or an illness may be as complicated as providing intensive medical attention or as simple as just paying attention to its surroundings. In either case, the basis for "good care" is to have access to competent and trusted medical advise. First, make sure your pet has proper medical care. When your pet is not feeling well, have a veterinarian perform an examination in making a sound diagnosis and care plan. At the same time one should also pay attention to the pet's surroundings.

When your pet is recovering from an illness give your pet a comfortable place to rest. Try to keep its area quiet. Noises can be particularly upsetting when a pet is sick. Also, keep odors away from your pet. Perfumes and cleaners that your pet normally does not mind may be troublesome. Keeping the lights low or turning them off will allow your pet a better chance to rest. If your pet has a fever, lower the temperature of the room a little to provide greater comfort. Cool water often helps relieve a fever. Warm food and water may be more comforting when a sick pet does not have a fever. Helping your pet with daily activities such as self-cleaning and moving around is also beneficial. Finally, let your pet recover naturally. Don't push your pet to get up or move around before it's feeling better. Make sure your pet gets plenty of sleep. This is one the best healing agents for a pet.



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