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Special Cat Care Situations

While cats are relatively low maintenance, there are a number of health and safety concerns that can easily be missed by an owner. Cats have unique traits that require special care considerations. For instance, many cats enjoy nibbling on grass. If grass is unavailable they may start munching on your favorite houseplant. Many plants such as Poinsettias are toxic to cats and need to be kept at a distance. Another trait that can cause safety problems for cats is their desire to explore. It is not uncommon for a cat to be accidentally locked in an attic or closet. Cats can quietly investigate an area without an owner knowing, and consequently become trapped. Cats can find a number of new places to nap that are unsafe. Checking places such as garages and dishwashers where a cat can hide is a good idea.

A cat’s playfulness can also cause safety concerns. Some cats view most anything as a potential toy. Wires, and small items that can be ingested can be problematic. String and thread in particular should be kept away from cats. While cats and many people see this as a great toy, the problem is that if swallowed it can cause severe digestive problems and potentially a dangerous intestinal blockage. There are a variety of risks for outdoor cats, but if one allows their cat outside providing access to a safe spot can be very helpful. A cat door or access to a garage or shed can help protect your cat in dangerous situations where he may be threatened by a dog or other animal. Finally, cat’s can be adept escape artists and whether they are indoor or outdoor pets it is a good idea for them to have some form of identification such as a tag and collar. This is good protection from a variety of possible situations where a cat become lost or disoriented. Cats are unique, and consideration for their special traits can keep them safe and happy.



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