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Working With Sporting Breeds

Sporting dogs, also know as bird or gun dogs, have commonly been utilized for the purposes of hunting fowl and game birds, and are one of the most intelligent breeds of dogs and are very easy to train. Spaniels, retrievers, pointers and setters are examples of dogs in this breed. They have a long history of being humanly trained and understand easily what their owners expect from them.


One characteristic of sporting dogs is that they are not considered to be guard or watch dogs. They are not territorial of possessions in their environment either. They are in general calm and gentle dogs. Of course, they are breeds that have been previously acquainted with hunting, and they will become excited when that opportunity arises.


Compared to mid to large sized dogs, sporting breed dogs require more exercise. They love the outdoors; they love to explore and walk in new territory. In addition, this breed is easily trained and can follow hand, verbal and whistle commands without a problem. Being in water is an activity that sporting breed dogs enjoy. If you stop by your nearest park, they are likely to flee from your car and head directly for the lake or pond for a brisk swim.


Naturally, dogs in the sporting breed inherently demonstrate hunting characteristics in their everyday life. Pointers and Setters, for example, may locate birds, ducks or farmyard chickens without formal training. Moreover, Spaniels and Retrievers excel at fetch and Frisbee without much prompting. These dogs would make a great family dog and both you and your children can appreciate their inherent hunting instincts and playful demeanor on some level.


If you are considering training your sporting dog for competitions check out sporting dog groups or organizations, and attend field trials or events to learn about the sport. At these events, you will learn all about your dog and find out how other dog owners have done to train their dogs. Sporting dogs need positive training; harsh punishment is not helpful and not recommended. However, if you provide them with good directions, consistent commands and training, you will find them to be very obedient and responsive to traininng.


Sporting dogs are a joy to own. They are natural hunters and they enjoy the water. This breed is a wonderful pet for kids, because they love to swim, play fetch and catch Frisbees. They are also an awesome pet for the owner, because they love to please and are very willing to learn what you teach.


Although they are not considered watchdogs, they are faithful and will stay by your side. Sporting dogs will provide you, your family and your home with years of fun, love and entertainment.

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