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Spring in their Step.

With Spring fast approaching and the weather getting warmer, our four legged friends will be excited to get out and play. This is a great time for the four legged and two legged alike to enjoy the outdoors. There are a few perennial advisories to keep in mind. First, the insects are coming. While it is wise to keep pets protected from fleas and ticks year round, be sure that they are protected now. Protection from seasonal insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and gnats may also be needed. Also, be sure that pets are taking any necessary preventative such as Heartworm pills that protect them from insect-born diseases.

Second, typically Spring is the time of year when shedding is at its worst. While pets typically don’t mind, the clean up can be a pain for an owner. One of the best ways to reduce the amount of fur flying throughout the house is to routinely groom ones pet. This removes the excess dead hair and reduces the amount actually shed. There are also a number of items that can pet owners use to clean up fur.

Finally, Spring is the start of allergy season. Pets and people can unfortunately both suffer from seasonal allergies. Pets that have allergies to grasses or pollen may need additional baths. In more serious cases a vet’s attention may be required. Allergies can vary greatly in severity and can cause either mild itchiness or persistent intense itching resulting in skin infections. Pinpointing the cause of an allergy can sometimes be tricky but also extremely useful.




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