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Super Fly.

Recently I noticed my cats staring at the front door. Thinking that I may have missed someone knocking at the door I looked out the peep hole to find no one there. Suddenly Jake jumped strait into the air. Looking around I found the object of their obsession, a fly above the door. I was surprised to see a fly considering the harsh winter, and that I hadn’t seen any of its relatives for quite a while. I watched a moment while Marvin and Jake made attempts at catching the fly that was well out of reach. When I checked in later the fly had flown closer to my excited cats at which time they took a few good swipes and chased him into the other room near the fish tank. Since I don’t like Jake putting his paws on the tank I moved him away. Marvin didn’t realize where the fly had flown and spent several minutes searching an empty wall. It appeared to be game over at this point. They didn’t know where the fly was and neither did I. That was until I saw a pink fish dart to the top of the tank and pull down a fly almost its own size. Now I was sure that it was game over. While it didn’t look like the fish had the capability of making a meal of the fly, it didn’t seem like he had a shot underwater. Yet after a tour of the tank pink fish dropped the fly who floated back up to the surface. Thinking the fly deserved a break, I took a piece of paper and scooped him out of the tank and set him on a nearby shelf. Wet and not moving it seemed as if the fly had had it, yet it was still alive. Checking in later the fly could now move, but chose not to; a few hours later the fly was gone. Having survived cats, fish, and a brutal winter he had lived to fly another day.



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