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Terrier breeds range from large to small, and while used for a variety of purposes, they share many similar characteristics. Terrier was derived from the Latin 'terra', meaning earth. Terriers are usually intelligent dogs with abundant courage. It isn't uncommon to see a little terrier prepared to take on a much larger rival. Yet, terriers were often used to eliminate varmints.

The Terriers heritage is primarily English. For a period of time they were the only dogs that the working class was allowed to own. Because many terriers are small dogs, they have become popular with people who live in apartments. The Terrier's feisty attitude should be a consideration before adoption, however. Terriers don't always get along with other pets. Also, their attitude can be a challenge to some owners. Often stubborn, training a terrier often requires some patience. While they are smart dogs, they are not always obedient. People who have patience and enjoy a dog with a bold personality will likely enjoy having a terrier.



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