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Thunderstorms & Fireworks.

Summer is the season for thunderstorms and fireworks. This can be very unsettling for many pets. While some pets cope quite well with these sudden light flashes and loud noises, others may shake or cower in fear. Considering that pets typically have much sharper senses than people, it is not surprising loud noises that startle us can be quite painful to a cat or a dog. Pets that exhibit extreme reactions, however, can often be helped by their owners.

If your pet reacts in an extreme fashion to the sudden loud events, giving them a quiet spot to retreat to can help. It is common for dogs to hide under a bed when a thunderstorm comes. Cats will often find their own hiding spot whether under furniture or in a closet they usually have more choices due to their size and agility. With cats make sure the hiding spot they choose is safe. Due to fear they may try to hide in a place they otherwise would not. The undercarriage of a car or vents in the home can be unsafe hiding spots. However, hiding places aren’t all bad. While controlling where your cat hides can be difficult, creating a space, particularly for a dog, that is quiet and protected can often keep anxiety at a manageable level.

Often pets that are upset by these noises are generally more sensitive and may benefit from having a quiet spot to retreat to from everyday loud noises and chaos of people, television, traffic, etc. When a thunderstorm or other loud noises occurs try to keep your pet comfortable, but don’t overdo the attention and keep the tone of your voice normal as this may reinforce their fearful reaction and convince them that there is something to be scared of. If their reaction is still extreme consider either herbal relaxation remedies, or a veterinary prescribed medication to keep anxiety at a manageable level. Finally, be aware of the loud noises that you control. Noises created by firecrackers, and guns can not only scare a pet, but have the potential to damage hearing.



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