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Hidden Tiger Crouching Kitty.

Members of the cat family share a variety of traits. Your docile house cat and the king of the jungle may have more of a connection than you realize. A cat's build is the clearest shared characteristic. Cats big and small have similar builds featuring long, slender, muscular bodies with large heads. With a forward face, excellent vision, hearing, and smelling ability, along with speed and the ability to accelerate make cats capable hunters. Consequently, cats are all carnivorous and require meat in their diet to survive. When you watch your cat walk across the living room notice his movement is also similar to that of a big cat. Due in part to body structure, cats walk on their toes and have an excellent and unique sense of balance. Cats' claws are also similarly curved and sharp, unlike the claws of any other animal. Most cats share the ability to climb, whether a tree or your curtains.

Playing is another shared trait. Playing is believed to help cats train as hunters. Cats, young and old, have a desire to play. Similar cat attitude and behavior is also evident in their solitary nature. Other than lions that live in prides, cats are naturally solitary animals, although most household cats adapt rather easily to living with other cats.



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