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Toy Dogs

Toy dogs are characterized by their small size, and are descendants of a wide variety of dog breeds. Included in this group are commonly heard breed names such as, Pugs, Yorkies, and Toy Poodles and not so common breeds such as Affenpinscher, Brussels Griffon, and the Chinese Crested. Their predominant characteristic is as a loyal companion, and are often referred to as a lap dog. These lap dogs can form very strong bonds with their owners and are often very protective. Frequently, toy dogs are bolder and sturdier that their size would indicate. Historically, these dogs were favored by of royalty and many have long lineages dating back to ancient times. They have now become popular as a city dog or for people with limited space. Often popular for their fancy appearance, they are a unique blend of looks and companion animal. Since in many cases toy dogs are simply a smaller version of their larger relative, the characteristics of the toy group are less specific than many other dog groups that were originally bred for a specific purpose such as hunting or tracking. Instead these dogs were bred as companions for people, which continues to be their role today.

Clothing for Dogs - Sweaters, coats, jerseys, etc.

Dog Toys - Balls, tugs, chews, etc.




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