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Can I train Kitty?

Most cats only learn the basics, use a litter box, keep off the curtains, and to come when the can opener sounds. Dogs tend to be easier to train because they are motivated to please their owner, where a cat may or may not care to please its owner. However, there is no indication that a cat is less capable of learning tricks. Training a pet requires reinforcement his natural behaviors. For dogs fetching is a natural, he then learns that his owner likes this behavior and can learn to fetch on command. It’s less common for cats to naturally fetch, however, some do. The trick to training is rewarding positive actions, and not expecting your pet do learn unnatural behaviors like arithmetic. Coming when the can opener sounds is the perfect example of a cat trick. Cats aren’t born with a can opener instinct; they simply learn that noise means food. If you want your cat to jump up on command give a reward such as food or catnip when he jumps on his own. Then start to connect that action with an audible command such as ‘up’. The success rate of this type of training varies greatly from cat to cat. A lot of attention, patience, and persistence is required for success. Demeanor is also a factor as many cats will be completely disinterested regardless of the treat offered. For some owners success would come if they could keep their cat off the curtains.



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