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Dog Vacation Tips.

There are number of tips for summer pet care, but there are also some specific things to keep in mind when vacationing with a dog. The following are some tips that may help vacationers and their pets.

- Make sure your pet is well identified. ID tags and other forms of identification are particularly helpful when a pet is new to an area and may not be recognized. Also a pet may be more likely to run off or become lost in an unfamiliar area.

- Take emergency contact information, and be aware of local emergency services. This is wise for both pets and people. Hopefully, it won’t be needed but know how and where to get help for you and your pet as this can be extremely important.

- Be aware of local hazards. Bugs and snakes can cause problems for pets and vary in type and specie depending on location. Also each locality can have its dangerous spots for pets. Whether it is traffic or wildlife knowing what the hazards of an area are can help prevent potential problems.

- Water Safety. While many dogs are great swimmers and happiest in the water, be aware of your dog’s abilities as well as situations that can be risky to them such as boating, or swimming in pools that are difficult to get out of. Also for human safety, be aware that some dogs will either use people as a form of flotation or they will try to ‘save’ their favorite person by climbing onto them while they swim. Typically unpleasant, it can also be dangerous for kids or novice swimmers. View our article on Canine Water Safety.

- Use Travel Precautions. Traveling with pets can be tricky as pets take to it differently. Restraints and/or barriers are typically needed. This is necessary to keep pets in place, safe, and out of your way when driving. Also this keeps them safe when entering and exiting a vehicle. This is often an especially risky time for a pet as they are upset or uncomfortable by the car ride, they are in an area that they don’t know, they’re behavior can be somewhat erratic due to stress, and traffic can be dangerous.

- Pet Friendly. Make sure you find accommodations that are pet friendly. Whether it is a hotel room where you plan to stay on the way to your final destination, or the camp ground where you plan to vacation, make sure they welcome dogs otherwise vacation could turn unpleasant or costly.

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