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Good Treat Bad Treat.

Giving your pet a treat can be fun for both you and your pet. However, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing and giving a treat. The quality of a treat should be a consideration. Like human treats some are nutritious and some are not. The bonus with pets is that they often like the healthy treat just as much if not more than the unhealthy ones. Check the ingredients in the treats you purchase. If they contain a lot of fillers such salt, sugar, or preservatives, look for a different treat. There are a number of quality natural treats often high in meat content (especially important for cats) that don't contain fillers. Fillers can do nothing for your pet other than make him chubby. Whichever treat you choose, it is recommend that treats not make up any more than 10% of your pet's daily calorie intake. Table scraps don't make for good treats either. Often they contain ingredients that are not healthy and in some cases may be harmful.

If you want to give your pet a homemade treat look into what you are giving your pet. Giving a dog certain vegetables and giving pieces of meat may be okay, however, some food items such as onions, raisins, and pork should never be given to a pet. A quality treat can result in added nutrition, assist with training, and can be a positive experience for you and your pet.



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