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Unique Benefits of Pets.

Most pet owners understand and enjoy the many benefits afforded by caring for a pet. However, there are unique health benefits that can be less obvious. For instance, pet owners tend to be healthier than non-owners. They tend to have lower blood pressure, a lower stress level, and they even show fewer signs of physical aches and pains. The simple act of patting your dog or cat appears to help reduce blood pressure and stress levels. The exercise dog owners get when playing, walking, or jogging with their pet also has health benefits. The companionship a pet provides can be extremely helpful in many circumstances. For senior citizens pet ownership is often a great way to provide needed companionship and is effective in easing loneliness. Also, the act of caring for an animal is thought to help seniors, as well as others, to feel good and to feel needed. The benefits of pet companionship are so evident that therapy pets are often used to provide companionship to people in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and for adults and children that have recently been through a traumatic event. These pets are often able to provide comfort in a way that other people simply aren’t able to. Whether in special circumstances or the common pet owner relationship, the human pet bond is unique and has clear benefits to pet and person alike.



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