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Cat UTI.

Cat urinary tract infections (UTI) are serious and common, and unfortunately are often a reoccurring problem for cats. Male cats are more prone to these infections. Signs of a cat UTI include straining to urinate, not using the litter box, and licking themselves. There is a lot that isn’t known about these infections. While some can be traced to a specific cause such as urinary stones or cancer, many times the cause is illusive. Furthermore, once a cat gets a UTI the odds become much greater that he will get another one. Veterinary attention is needed if a cat has a UTI. In cases where the UTI causes a blockage the infection is fatal if left untreated.

Even though the cause is often questionable things can be done to help reduce the odds of another infection occurring. Switching to canned food is frequently recommended as it helps the cat take in more water. Specially formulated food can also be useful; these foods are low in magnesium and promote acidic urine which typically reduces the risk of infection. There are also supplements and supplement type treats that accomplish the same thing. However, don’t give these specialty foods, supplements, and treats in combination as this is essentially an over-prescription and can cause problems. Another recommendation is to allow a cat to have either small frequent meals or to be able to eat at will through out the day.

As someone who has one cat who is overweight and another cat that has had trouble with UTI, this solution can be maddening as the food each cat's particular food often does not make it into the right mouth. Providing fresh water is important too. Some cats are finicky about where they drink their water from. Some will only drink from a running source like a recently used shower, or sink, some will even drink strait from the tap but they may not drink from a bowl. These cats can sometimes be satisfied with a cat water fountain or bubbler as it provides a continuous supply of fresh water. My cat also has this issue as he used to drink from the shower, but now only wants to drink from water from a glass, preferably (for him) the same glass that I drink from. Water obviously is a necessity for any cat, but is thought to also help stave off UTI’s too.

*If you suspect your cat has an UTI, please contact your vet immediately as it is a serious condition that needs immediate medical attention.


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