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Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe on Vacation

For most people, going on a vacation is a treat. For our dogs, going on a vacation can be pure heaven. Rarely will a dog be able to leave and explore places that he has never seen before. A well planned vacation ensures potential problems are avoided making everyone safe and your trip fun and memorable. It is wise before departing to take steps to ensure your dog's safety.


First, make sure your dog is in good health for travel. Long vacations can come with a lot of travel. If you intend to go by car it helps to be prepared. If your dog rides in the car have a box, crate, or other form of restraint available to minimize dangers to himself and others in the vehicle. Make sure crates are buckled or tied down inside the vehicle to prevent sliding. Be particularly cautious when entering and exiting your vehicle that your dog is always secured


These risks are even great in pick-up trucks. Never leave your pet unsecured at the back of your truck during a trip, for there is a high risk of injury during sudden stops or if you get involved into an accident. An unsecured dog can easily jump out from the back of your truck while in motion and have serious injuries. Keeping your dog in the cab of your truck is by far the best option.


If you intend to keep your pet at the rear seat of a car, make sure he has not eaten anything yet prior to the ride. Car or motion sickness usually arise when pets are fed just before the trip, however, it is very important that your dog is well hydrated while traveling. Keep water available during your entire trip


Dogs get bored, too. A bored dog can distract a driver, so it is important your dog is entertained/exercised during the trip. Stopping for gas and supplies gives you the chance to stretch your legs or use the facilities. Take this time to play with your dog, let him stretch his legs, and his own grassy 'restroom'. It is also a good idea to take some of your pet's toys and some treats with you to help keep him busy and ease his boredom. This will make your pet less of a liability inside the vehicle.


To avoid the possibility of disease while on vacation, your dog should be up to date on all required shots and vaccinations prior to your trip. It is also recommended to have proof of vaccinations and may be required if you intend to travel by plane. This certification should be performed no later than two weeks prior to your travel if you intend to go out of the country and take your pet with you. A little pre-vacation planning for your pet can make vacations much more enjoyable and trouble-free for all involved.



Content written by Lisa Robertson of Oh My Dog Supplies, check out our awesome selection of double raised dog bowls online.



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