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Keeping You and Your Pup Healthy.

Exercise provides numerous benefits for both you and your dog. In fact, your dog may be a prefect exercise partner. All dogs need some exercise to maintain their health and weight. Many dogs require a lot of exercise, which is often important for healthy behavior. Similarly, for people who benefit from frequent exercise as well. Walking, jogging, or hiking with your dog is a great way for both of you to keep healthy as well as strengthen your bond. Most dogs are able to adapt to your fitness level, and look forward to a walk or jog. Having your dog well socialized and trained to walk on a leash is helpful. Also, be aware of the surfaces that your dog may be walking on. On hot days pavement can burn their feet. Hiking through rocky terrain can also be rough on your dog. In extreme conditions dog booties can provide protection. However, in most cases this is simply an easy pleasant way to exercise your dog. With some high-energy dogs, a walk or jog is really needed. Some dogs that don't get enough exercise will develop behavioral problems such as barking or digging due to their pent up energy. In these cases, taking your dog out for a jog may save you future headaches. Generally, a walk simply helps keeps a pet and owner healthy and happy.



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